Bio & Avatar Guidelines

All Studio writers are required to have a bio and avatar photo on file before being able to claim your first assignment. This information may appear on publisher sites.

Bio Guidelines

The bio should highlight your professional experience and any relevant background info that you want your readers to know about you.


  • Keep it under 50 words.
  • Write in accordance with AP Style.
  • Write in the third person.
  • The first line should include your full name, first and last. Use your last name upon second mention. 

Good Bio Examples:

A mother of two and graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Lynn Hawkins has written child-rearing advice for Parenting, FamilyFun and Working Mother magazines.  When her toddlers are asleep (finally!), she reflects on the joys and challenges of motherhood on her blog, Words From a Mother. 

James Yancey discovered his passion for cooking at the age of 5, when he realized his favorite room in the house was the kitchen. He earned his culinary arts associate degree at Le Cordon Bleu and owns an organic cupcakes shop, Wholesome Sweets. Yancey is the guest editor for  

With features published in PC Magazine and Vogue, Natalie Young loves all things fashion and tech. Young earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design from Otis College of Art and Design, and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. She is the author of the blog, Glasses and Heels.

 Avatar Guidelines

The avatar is the picture that appears publicly with your bio and internally to the studioD community, including the Forums. 

Please use the following guidelines when submitting your avatar:

  • Your image must be high-quality and front-facing. 
  • Keep it professional.

Image Requirements:

  • Minimum size is 200x200 pixels (images must not exceed 1 MB).

Pen Names

By default, your writing account will display your name as saved to your account. However, if you have a different professional name, you can submit it for review by updating your Display Name. 

If you want to use a pen name, it should match your other existing published writing presence. Pen names cannot include one-word names, initials without full names or brand names. This pen name should also be reflected in your approved studioD bio. 

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  • 4
    Fer Reisaraujo

    I have an avatar, but always when I'm going to find assignments the site says I don't have an "approved" avatar. No metter how many times I ask you to answer my questions about it, you never do. I hope you see this comment and answer me. Thanks.

    Edited by Fer Reisaraujo
  • 1
    Cézar Funghi

    I'm experiencing the same problem, I can't even see my old avatar anymore.


    Edited by Cézar Funghi
  • 0
    Wilson Andrewc

    I am experiencing a similar problem.  I am unable to upload an avatar at all (except here on Zendesk).  My edit profile page just has a blank space at the upload profile image section, with no option to select or upload an image.  As a result, my profile is incomplete and I am unable to claim any assignments.  I have sent two inquiries, but haven't been able to get a response.

  • 0
    Lize Brittin

    I'm having the same problem. It sounds like nothing has been resolved. There's no prompt to upload images on my bio page, and I can't get past that page to file a request for help with it.

  • 0

    Is the StudioD site still functioning? I just took an assignment, but I'm afraid to write it!

  • 0
    Ginger O'Donnell

    I just tried to upload my avatar and am having a similar problem as Wilson Andrewc mentioned. Any tips?? Thanks

  • 0
    John Garrison

    I'm having the same problem as everyone else. There is no way to submit a profile image. The link to get to this page from the bio update page also leads to a 404 error. Has anyone figure out how to get a profile image uploaded?

  • 0
    Lynn Everett

    In reply to comments above, a quick google search turned up that DMS is now called Leaf Group or some such, but no announcement was made to current freelancers. Check it out here:

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