Before you get started as a CE, we recommend you check off the following:

1. Visit the Copy Editor Sections Application page 
In order to access assignments, all editors must be approved for at least one Section. This is where you can view the requirements for all Sections, see which sites are covered by each Section, and submit your application to those you are interested in.

2. Check your browser and browser capabilities
studioD best operates on Chrome. We recommend you install the latest version of this browser to avoid technical issues with our tools. You will also need to enable JavaScript to use the site.

Work Desk

Click on the Login button at the top right of the Studio, you should see the following:

This is where you'll be able to view all your assignments (Rewrites, Saved Articles, etc.) Not only will it keep tabs of your current and in-progress assignments, the Work Desk will also track what you've finished and your goals.   

Become Familiar with the Editorial Process
Once a writer claims a title to write, he or she has seven days to complete the article and submit it for review. After the article has been submitted for review, it enters the general CE queue, where yuo can pick it up (so long as it's in your accepted Section.) NOTE: You claim an article by clicking the title. 

Once you claim an article to edit, you have 24+ hours (until midnight the following day, PST) to either edit and approve the article, or request a revision from the writer with your editorial notes as guidance. If you wait longer than the 24+ hour period you risk losing the article, which will place it back in the general CE queue.  

Selecting an Assignment

A list of available assignments will appear below the work desk. The assignments you'll see are based on your permissions (Sections you're approved for). In order to claim an assignment, simply click on the title. NOTE: Once an assignment has been claimed you won't be able to unclaim it, however the assignment will expire in your queue within 24 hours (in the event you don't get to it.) Also, once an assignment has been selected it'll be automatically added to your Work Desk.


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