Topic Editor Assignment Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all writer assignments that come from our Topic Editor process. If you have questions about an individual assignment, please contact the Help Desk at

Writers should adhere to the following rules with topic editor assignments:

  • Touch on all points included in the assigning editor notes. These notes aren’t optional.
  • Review all redirecting titles to make sure any information that would need to be covered by other titles is covered in the final article. Readers coming to this article will expect to find some or all of the information that redirecting titles might address. With the assigning editor note, use these redirecting titles to inform your approach.
  • Use short paragraphs. Large blocks of text should be avoided. Use hard returns to break up longer sections into digestible paragraphs.
  • Include links to other relevant eHow articles where applicable.
  • Incorporate formatting like bold and italics for key elements. Font formats should call out important information, where applicable. For example, warnings, key pieces of information, important keywords are all good candidates for special formatting. 
  • Examples: 


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