References & Sources

  • Use original sources and attribute accordingly. Do not cite an article which cites another. Find the original source.
  • Reference hard facts, statistics or background information that is not common knowledge. Attribute accordingly.
  • Balance your story with both sides of an issue, when necessary.
  • Do not use Wikipedia or similar sites, which are secondary sources at best and compile other published works.
  • Writer/experts: Support your claims with verifiable facts.
  • Do not reference yourself.
  • Avoid commercial sites that only sell products. Use corporate/manufacturer sites for spec information, if necessary. When in doubt, refer to site guidelines.
  • Be current: Avoid outdated information.
  • Quote an expert source, when possible/applicable.
  • Include the source's contact information for fact checking.
  • Use only credible, expert sources, whether online, print or broadcast. Do not reference site forums, chat groups or user-generated information sites.
  • Affiliate links, such as an Amazon account, are not allowed.
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