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What are Curated List Articles?

eHow collects outstanding articles, tutorials, recipes, and other ideas from authoritative sources around the web and publishes them in themed lists. These lists serve a variety of purposes. Some help readers discover outstanding recipes or products, for example, while others round up unexpected projects and how-tos. 

Curated List Articles generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Topical: 7 Ways to Survive the Coming Sriracha Shortage
  • Seasonal: 15 Last Minute Valentine's Gifts That Won't Leave You in the Dog House
  • Evergreen: 9 Great Beauty Products You Can Make From Stuff in Your Pantry

Format and Style

You should have already received the title from your editor. If you are pitching an idea, remember that curated list articles always have a number in them (5 ways; 7 things; 11 awesome...). The numbers are always odd and range from 5-15, depending upon the nature of the list.

Start the article with a brief introduction. Target 50 words, do not exceed 75 words. 

Number each entry in descending order, countdown style.

Each entry is composed of a photo, short description or commentary, and link to the source. 

For the description, target 35 words; do not exceed 75 words. In this description, explain succinctly why you are featuring the source. Keep it fun and snappy - assume the reader is browsing your article as much for your wit and your choice of photos as for the actual helpful information.

Link to the source contextually within the entry. For example: 

Paper is so last century. The next time you need to identify yourself, carry your iPad around, and make sure it's sporting your name using an app like Hello Name Tag. You get bonus points for somehow managing to hang the iPad around your neck.

Also include the complete link below the entry, so your editor can easily use it to create the article in our editorial tool.

Photo Guidelines

Every entry should have an accompanying image. The image should come from the source, and be an aesthetic, appealing image that clearly illustrates the point of the entry.

All images should be exactly 460 pixels wide regardless of orientation. Landscape images should be 460 X 310 pixels and portrait images should be 460 wide by any height up to about 650 pixels tall. Crop and resize appropriately.

Provide complete and accurate attribution to the end of the article for each unique source. Use this format:

Photo credits: XXX, XXX, XXX


One of the sources in each article should be a piece of content from eHow - something visual, typically a slideshow. Link directly to the page or slide that you are referencing. There are exceptions: Some articles might contain more than one eHow article, and occasionally it may be acceptable to not include eHow at all. Your editor will discuss any special considerations with you.

Always cite the original source - do not link to other lists or to intermediate blog sites or repostings.

 Do not use affiliate links. It's wonderful that you have an affiliate account at Amazon, Etsy, or some other online store. But do not ever append your own affiliate UTM to a URL or include a link that will allow you or any third party to profit from traffic or purchases at the source. This is a serious breach of trust between eHow and our readers.

Be careful to ensure that clicking to the source will result in a good user experience. The source should not include frustrating pop-ups or be behind a pay wall.

Example: Before & After: 11 Trash to Treasure Transformations for Your Home and Life

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