What It Is: This format will compare two or three things in a “versus” format so the reader can visualize the differences.

General To Dos:

  • Keep Concise: This is not an article. Never use paragraph structure, always opting for short copy over long sentences.
  • Keep Formatting Consistent: 
    • When comparing two or more items, comparisons should be similar in character or word count. (EX: If one data point on comparison “A” is 1 ½ lines long – 70-150 characters including spaces – the mirroring data point in comparison “B” should be the same length).
      • Note that length may vary slightly between sections, but should remain consistent within sections.
    • Keep punctuation or lack of punctuation consistent.
  • Provide Reference Citations in the Footnotes: Use only credible references. 


What It Is: 1-2 sentences (or approximately 200 characters including spaces) explaining why the topic is important. 

General To Dos:

  • The introduction must be relevant, and not just a regurgitation of the title.
    • Your editor will inform you if you can opt for a comparison infographic with no introduction. 


What It Is: A two or three column table that compares a list of data that may or may not be grouped into like things.

General To Dos:

  • Keep Comparison Points Concise: Each comparison point should display the data concisely in no more than 1 ½ lines (70-150 characters including spaces). 
    • Always check with your editor for guidance.
  • A vs. B Titles: If a title compares two or more items in a “versus” format, you must format the infographic research in the same order. (EX: If the title is Juicing vs. Blending, all data points on “juicing” and “blending” should be on the left and right columns respectively).
  • Do not Compare Apples with Oranges: Do not compare unlike data. (EX: When comparing holiday season to holiday season, you should not compare the calendar days in summer to the number of holidays during the winter. Though these data points are similar, they are not comparable). 


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