Slide Show

General Guidelines

Demonstrate the full range of a visual topic with at least eight photos, preferably more.

  • Choose photos that specifically and exhaustively address the title.
  • Search the photo library before you start writing to ensure the right photos are available for the slides you choose. Copy editors can adjust numbers in titles if the topic is flexible.
  • If an integral photo necessary to fulfill the title is not available in the library, then flag the title as not executable.
  • Be aware of the order of the photos where applicable. Ensure that the finished slide show is logically constructed from start to finish, whether it is sequential or thematic.


Refer to the section titled "Introduction" in the studioD Editorial Guidelines.

  • The introduction should be 40 to 80 words.
  • The introduction image is required. It should be an image from the Slide Show that best captures the overall theme.

Slide Title

Each photo must have a slide title. Photo titles should be treated like subheads: in title case, simple and concise. See the subheads section of the general guidelines for more information.

Slide Image Composition

Images can be landscape or portrait.
Use the cropping tool to ensure the relevant portion of the image is the primary focus. 

Slide Caption

Captions are only required if the site-specific guidelines call for them. If you are creating a Slide Show for a site that does not require captions, and there is a celebrity in the photo, include the name of the person in the Slide Description. Follow the studioD guidelines for writing captions.

Slide Description

A 40 to 80 word slide description should accompany each photo. Descriptions should be conversational and add value to the photo, providing a deeper look at the topic. They should add context to the photo's place in the Slide Show. Don't simply explain what's in the photo.


Refer to the studioD Editorial Guidelines for general References and Resources guidelines.

  • References in Slide Shows should provide support for facts presented in the descriptions, if the facts are not common knowledge or widely accepted.


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