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Project Overview

Content will solidify Black + Decker’s relationship with the young millennial reader. Content will drive readers to, not only emphasizing Black + Decker as a trusted source for solving household problems, but also inspiring readers to take on projects they didn’t know they could do.


About Black + Decker

BLACK+DECKER provides consumers with products that help make everyday living and working easier and more efficient.

Since 1910, BLACK+DECKER has been setting the standard for innovation and design of power tools, outdoor yard care equipment, and home products. The inventor of the first portable electric drill with pistol grip and trigger switch, BLACK+DECKER has evolved from a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland to a global manufacturing powerhouse with a broad line of quality products used in and around the home


Target Readers Are:

  • First-time homeowners or advanced renters.
    • These users are looking to invest time in making their home feel like home. They are fairly new to some repairs, but are prepared to take on what projects they can to save money and get things done.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 34, with a slight emphasis on the 25 to 34 year old bracket.
    • People in this age group are beginning to settle down: Two-thirds of first-time homebuyers are between the ages of 25 and 34. They are facing the tasks and projects that come with a house for the first time.
  • Style-conscious, Budget-conscious.
    • They are aware of current trends and want their home to look to embody their style, but within their price range. Though they have disposable income, they would prefer to save money by doing some projects themselves.
  • Tech-savvy.
    • They get their design inspiration online. They read blogs and are plugged into social media like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Handy, but not overly so.
    • They are comfortable with basic tools and know how to solve basic problems, but they aren’t carpenters or DIY powerhouses. They need guidance to get the bigger tasks done.


Target Readers Aren’t:

  • Professional Contractors or Seasoned DIYers.
    • Projects covered don’t require expert skill level, a tremendous arsenal of tools and supplies or a deep technical understanding.
  • Experienced Homeowners.
    • Readers don’t have a Rolodex of contractors to call, and many of the issues that arise are new to them.
  • Extravagant or Spendthrifts.
    • Though readers do have some disposable income, they aren’t inclined to waste money or pay people for tasks they could do themselves. They don’t have interior decorators and are willing to makeover a cheaper piece of furniture rather than invest in an expensive one.


Black + Decker Content is:

  • Inspirational
    • Relevant and Shareable: Content demonstrates knowledge of current style and trends within the space. It adds to the conversation by giving readers shareworthy ideas paired with helpful insights on how to make these ideas reality.
    • Aspirational and Attainable: Content taps into readers’ aspirations for themselves and their homes and helps put challenges within reach.
  • Empowering
    • Encouraging: Content provides helpful tips and tricks that show readers how larger projects are actually doable.
    • Easy to Understand: Content makes otherwise daunting projects seem doable through clear explanation, useful insights and thorough detail.
  • Confident and Approachable: Readers feel assured that the proposed methods are safe and reliable thanks to the content’s knowledge of the task at hand and how to tackle issues that arise. Content demonstrates its authority through comprehensive knowledge and helpful guidance, doing so without sounding condescending or know-it-all.
  • Friendly and Relatable: Tone of the content is upbeat and engaging, and speaks as a Millennial, not at the Millennials.


What Black + Decker Content is Not:

  • Overly Technical: Rather than speaking in highly technical terms, explain them so the average reader can easily understand.
  • Alienating: Content is authoritative enough to give the reader confidence, but the tone doesn’t leave the reader feeling like it can’t relate.
  • Stiff or Dry: Content doesn’t read like a user’s manual. It feels conversational, not transactional.
  • Negative or Critical: Content will never read as negative – it aims to build readers up, not tear things down.
Black + Decker Is... Black + Decker Is Not...
Encouraging Hyper
Knowledgeable Pedantic
Relatable Wannabe
Aspirational Impossible to Attain
In the Know Out of Touch
Friendly Overeager
Helpful Dumbed-Down
Expert Alienating
Cleverly Humorous Childish or Goofy
Empowering Overly Ambitious
Fun Silly



StudioD will hand select an exceptional community of writers with credentials that correspond to the chosen categories and who have proven experience producing top quality work in the desired formats and voice. All writers are trained and well-versed in StudioD guidelines, which include image and caption guidelines. Writers will be further instructed on Black + Decker’s voice, tone and style via approved, project-specific writer guidelines.


Sourcing Guidelines

  • Use credible sources: All claims should be backed up with credible sources.
  • Blacklist: Do not reference competitors.



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