Photographer Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Pick Your First Assignment

  • View the list of Available Assignments to see all current projects.

  • Filter your results by destination site, category, type of assignment, or you can search for specific keywords.

  • Open an assignment to review the text of the article. This will show you what you need to capture and any materials you will need.

  • If you are interested in this assignment, click the green Take Assignment button. Or you can click Not Interested to pass and return to the assignment queue.​


Step 2: Start Your Shoot

  • First review the guidelines for your project. These are available here in the Help Center.

  • Once you have reviewed the guidelines, you are ready to set up and style your shoot. Most assignments have a two week deadline.

Step 3: Upload Your Images

  • Upload individual completed images into the available spaces next to each step or section of the assignment.

  • When you’re done, send it off for review by clicking Complete Assignment.


Step 4: Review

  • Each assignment in the Studio is reviewed by a Photo Editor. If need be, your editor will send you a reshoot request with specific instructions on what needs to be redone.

  • You’ll receive feedback from an editor on every assignment, even if it does not require a reshoot, so you can continue to excel on future assignments.


Step 5: Payment

  • Upon approval by a Photo Editor, the payment for your assignment will be added to your account. Studio payments are issued via PayPal twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays).

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