Listicle Assignments

Listicle Overview

  • A listicle is a visual article in list form.

  • Each listicle includes an overview image and beauty shot for each section (items on the list).

  • Listicles are hyper visual and showcase big beautiful photographs.

  • Listicles are not slides that show step by step process.



  • Every section should contain one image.

  • Horizontal images only.

  • Submit the largest image files possible. Files must be a 3x2 aspect ratio with a minimum of 2,000 pixels on the shortest edges.  Images must be 300 ppi, sRGB JPEGs.

  • Photos must be sharply in focus and color corrected.

  • Photos must be well lit and properly exposed -- do not submit dark photos.

  • Shoot in natural light during the day.

  • Do not use on-camera flash.

  • Avoid heavy reflections and shadows.

  • Maintain consistent camera perspective, background, style, color temperature and exposure throughout the photos.

  • Compose images carefully.  Make sure there are no unrelated objects in the frame.  Be sure that items are not jutting in or out of frame.

  • Tighter cropping is preferred. Shots should be wide enough to show the step and its context but tight enough so that the step is the main focus and entire room is not featured in the background.

  • Each section should have a final composed beauty shot, we do not want in action shots.

  • The overview image should not be an action shot or a composed shot showing the various materials you need to complete the project. The image should be a well-composed beauty shot. It can be an outtake or a composed shot of several finished products from the listicle.


Talent & Models:

  • Models should be in appropriate attire and as well groomed as possible.  This is especially important for tight shots of hands and nails.

  • Models must wear simple colors and jewelry and avoid any busy patterns or loud colors.  Please avoid white, black and red clothing.

  • Models should resemble the target demographic of 25-40 years of age.  If the article specifically refers to an age range (i.e. Hairstyles for 50 Year Olds, Toga Costumes for Kids, etc.) then select models accordingly.

  • Use photogenic models with previous experience.



  • Take photos in an aspirational, beautiful setting.  Keep in mind that the subject matter should be the focus of your image but the background and lighting will set the mood and tone of the images.

  • Make sure backgrounds are free of dirt and clutter.

  • Avoid shooting dated furniture, appliances, dishware, etc. Contemporary and simple styles are best.

  • Backgrounds must be clean and aesthetically pleasing.  They should not contain surfaces that are heavily patterned.

  • Avoid stark white surfaces and backgrounds.

  • Keep the background simple. Some great creative backdrops to use:

    • Natural settings – rustic wooden tables, grass, outdoors, burlap mats.

    • Placemats, tablecloths, cloth napkins, hand towels.

Brands & Logos:

  • No name brands or logos on clothes or materials should be visible, unless a brand is specifically named in the title of the article.

  • Transfer products into generic containers without labels whenever possible.

  • As a back-up tactic, labels can be removed physically or in Photoshop as long as it does not appear odd that the label is missing.

  • As a last resort, turn the object around in photograph. This is preferable to covering with tape.

  • Use strategically placed hands and objects to cover brand names and logos.



  • If shooting on recognizable private property, a property release must be signed and submitted to Demand Media Studios.

  • If any faces appear, a model release must be signed and submitted to Demand Media Studios.


Sample Listicles on eHow:

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