Receiving Payment

Tax ID & Payment Info

The next step in the process is to submit your Tax & Payment information. A valid tax ID (either your social security number or an employer identification number) is required. Don’t worry, this information is kept secure.

In order to prevent any errors, be mindful of the following:

  • Your name must match your SSN or EIN, as listed by the IRS.
  • Unless you’re registering with an EIN, choose Individual as your business type.
  • You will not be able to change your tax ID number (SSN or EIN) once you have submitted your first assignment.
  • To fill in the signature, type your name without any punctuation.
    • For example: John M Smith (not John M. Smith).

PayPal and Price Points

Studio payments are deposited directly into your established PayPal account -- there are no live checks, cash payments or bank deposits. Remember: In order to claim an assignment you must first setup your PayPal address.

As you peruse Find Assignments, the price point for each article is clearly written below the article’s title. 

Receiving Payment

Payments are issued every Tuesday & Friday and will be deposited directly into your PayPal account. The day your individual payment is processed is dependent on the date in which your assignment was approved:

  • An assignment that is approved before 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday will be paid that Tuesday.
  • An assignment that is approved before 11:59pm Pacific Time on Wednesday will be paid that Friday.

Keep in mind that we have a minimum payment threshold of $10. If your earnings don't total $10 by the payment deadline, the payment will be carried over to the following pay period, or until your earnings meet the minimum threshold.

Earnings Tab

Refer to the Earnings tab on your Work Desk in order to monitor your payments.

  • Summary: View yearly earnings at a glance
  • Fixed Fee Earnings: Find the approval date for an assignment, and view whether or not it has been paid
  • Payments: Review which articles were included in each payment
  • Export to CSV: Save a hard copy to your computer
  • Article & Blog Revenue Share: Only applies to specific contributors

Minimum Threshold for a 1099

In order to receive a 1099, you must meet the federally-mandated threshold of $600 in flat fee payments and/or $10 in revenue share payments.

If you are filing your taxes during the tax season, please consult your Payment History summary page for your total earnings and file your taxes with the following information:

Demand Media Inc.
TIN # 20-4731239
1655 26th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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