Claiming Your First Assignment

Remember: as a new writer, you can only claim three articles, total. We recommend you write and submit one article at a time in order to receive feedback from a Senior Copy Editor before moving onto your next article. This practice will ensure that you nail the voice and style early on, and prevent potential rejections.

It’s finally time to select your first assignment! From the Work Desk, simply click on the Find Assignments tab to view a list of articles in your approved Section(s). When you see an article that is of interest to you, simply click on the blue “Claim” button to send it to your Claimed Assignments.    

Once the article is in your Claimed Assignments queue, click the article’s title, which prompts a series of drop-down categories.

When you fill out the categories, keep in mind they don’t have to be exact -- a rough idea of the article’s background will suffice. After categorizing the article, a blue “Write” button will appear.   


Writing The Article

Freestyle [pictured below] is where we’d like for you, the creator, to have the organizational freedom to create engaging content.  

  • Accessing the Content ToolbarSimply start a new line (press Enter key), and a small plus symbol will appear on the left-hand side of the freestyle template. Click on this plus symbol and you'll have access to the various content tools.


  • Accessing the Format ToolbarHighlight any portion of text and the format toolbar will appear. Here you'll be able to bold, italicize, add links and more.



Cite source material using hyperlinks throughout your article. If you have additional sources that don’t need to be linked in-text, you may list them as References under the Metadata tab.



Feel free to work directly in the template, as copying/pasting from a Word Processor could potentially create formatting issues. Click on the “Save” icon in the upper left corner to manually save your work.


Preferred Browser

We recommend Google Chrome, as it’s optimized for the content creation tool.



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