Assignment Brief

Every studioD assignment comes with an Assignment Brief. This brief can be made up of one or more of the following pieces:

Type of NoteExplanationImportance
Rewrite Instructions These notes come from our efforts to renovate existing content on our partner sites. If you see Rewrite Notes, it means a content evaluator thinks the article needs to be rewritten with those notes in mind.

Our Content Evaluators are subject matter experts and their guidance should be followed.

If you want to deviate from these instructions, you will need to contact your Section Editor for approval.

Assigning Editor Requirements These requirements are attached to assignments from our Topic Editor process. A Topic Editor is aware of all of the articles on a given site on a given topic, so they have instructions as to what your particular assignment should include to best fit within the site’s library.

These are essential and requirements and should be followed every time.

Note: if your assignment has Assigning Editor Requirements and Rewrite Instructions, the notes from your Assigning Editor take precedence.

Article Redirects If we find multiple articles on a similar topic on a site, we may choose to redirect similar titles into a single article. 

If your assignment includes redirects, you need to ensure your article answers the questions posed by the redirect titles. This helps us ensure our readers are not losing out on any vital information.



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