General Guidelines

Listicles are an engaging format that take one central idea and expand that idea into an informative, appealing and visually motivated list. Listicles transform generic titles into irreverent, inspirational and socially appealing lists that entertain and inform the reader.

  • Think outside of the box to showcase the fun, unique and creative.
  • Focus less on text and more on visuals to present a story.
  • Keep the tone witty and engaging, while remaining informative, accurate and evergreen.
  • These titles could be processed as standard text, but they are best served in this format.
  • Photographers will select lush, vibrant, aspirational photos that make the reader want to continue to scroll based on your descriptions and instructions.

Listicle Types

How To Listicles:

  • Focus on various unique ways to execute a generic or broad task.
  • Illustrate a different method for completing the task in each section with vibrant photos and brief, but specific instructions.
  • Break down very large How to project titles by tackling a different element of the task with each item on the list. For example, "How to Throw a Masquerade Party" might have one section/image focused on decorations, one on food, one on entertainment, etc.

Example Titles:

  1. How to Decorate a Kitchen Island
  2. How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway
  3. How to Make Paper Mache Flowers
  4. How to Make Bruschetta Appetizers

Thematic Listicles:

  • Provide an inspirational visual summary of a topic.
  • Focus on giving an overview, rather than specific details.
  • Choose unique and fascinating options that capture the intent of the theme.
  • Keep suggestions and information helpful, accurate and informative.

Example Titles:

  1. Ideas for Wedding Gift Bags in Hotels
  2. Herb Plants That Can Be Potted Together
  3. Unforgettable Holiday Garland
  4. Animals That Live In the Amazon Rainforest

Value Listicles:

  • Assign a ranking to thematic lists.
  • Provider the reader with suggestions of something to do or try, rather than simply answering a question.
  • Play up the best options for the list.
  • Update numbered lists to 6, 7 or 8, rather than 10; titles with random numbers feel genuinely curated.

Example Titles:

  1. Most Collectible Modern Furniture
  2. 8 Best Things to Do in Hawaii
  3. 7 Things You Should Be Knitting
  4. Top Bachelorette Gifts

Example Listicles

Section Specific Notes


For Craft How To listicles, outline each step in the process with a photo accompanied by a short description with specific instructions. The first photo would include a "things you'll need" still life image.

Culture & Society

Break down broad party-planning How To listicle titles to focus on individual elements of the task rather than using each section to summarize a different method of completion.


  • Include an ingredients box per section. Essential for any food-related title, this box makes it easier for our readers to quickly pinpoint which ingredients they'll need to create each dish.
  • Include a warnings section at the end. Since Food safety is a major priority for the section, we'll need this optional box so the writer can include any food safety tips/warnings.


  • Include a Things You'll Need box. Allows the reader to easily identify which items they'll need to complete a task. Doesn't need to be per section.
  • Use the warnings section at the end. Since the Garden section often sees topics such as tools or pesticides that could be dangerous when handled improperly, we'll need this section to include any cautionary notes.

Home Décor

  • Keep suggestions stylish but achievable.
  • Play up trends and styles.


  • Choose animals that are cute and cuddly, wild and wacky, or just downright weird. Whether you're showcasing teddy bear puppies or hair-raising tarantulas, these should be sharable, must-see articles that elicit amazement.
  • Engage readers with a whimsical, witty and playful tone.


Use listicles to enhance the more visually-appealing Science topics, such as science project idea titles and other titles that are easily represented by photographs.


Choose the fun and creative options over bland and commonplace.


  • Make the reader lust after the locale.
  • Bring destinations to life and mesmerize both world adventurers and armchair travelers with photos that make you "ooh" and "aah" at the grandeur and beauty of the locale.
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