Hero Only Assignments

What is a Hero Only Assignment?

These assignments will provide overview lifestyle and still life images for online articles. The images will capture the essence of content for real life and real people. Our photographers will help to tell the stories on eHow, LiveSTRONG and more.



  • 3,000 x 2,000 300 ppi sRGB JPEGs

  • Model/Location releases, when applicable



  • Assignments will be added to the queue under Assignment Type: Hero Only.

  • Read article and provide the requested number of lifestyle and/or still life images that relate to the title.

  • Use the sections to add general overview images. Do not shoot the specific action outlined in the sections.

  • Examples:

    • Unique Uses for Your Phone – shoot lifestyle images of a person or family using a mobile phone in different ways.

    • About Middle Child Syndrome – shoot different lifestyle images of a family with multiple children.

    • Pros & Cons of GMO Foods – shoot styled stills of foods profiled in article.

  • Images will be submitted and photo edited through the existing workflow.

Image Guidelines


  • Natural and relaxed - not posed or artificial.

  • Everyday and honest - something we can all relate to in real life.

  • Personal and engaging - capturing emotions and intimacy.


  • Photos must be sharply in focus and color corrected.

  • Photos must be well lit and properly exposed. Do not submit dark photos.

  • All submitted images should have a consistent style and look including exposure and color temperature.

  • Backgrounds should be clean, simple and free of dirt, clutter or other distracting elements.

  • All images should be shot in context – no studio shots on white or black backgrounds. These are not product shots.

  • Please avoid staged or stocky image. Images should be professional but evoke accessible content for real life.

  • Models should not be looking directly at the camera.

  • Avoid visible brand names or logos.


  • Use natural, diffused daylight as much as possible. Do not use on-camera flash.

  • Use bright, even lighting to showcase details and texture.


  • If any faces appear, a model release must be signed.

  • If recognizable private property is visible, a property release must be signed.


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