Photography Tips

Know the Guidelines

Before you start reviewing our queue of available assignments, it's important to review our Guidelines.
Need a copy of our guidelines to keep handy? Download a copy for your reference here. 





Search Smart

There are a lot of assignments in the queue at any one time. Peruse the list and find the ones that work best for you. 
Try using our filters to sort through available assignments by category or site.




Make Projects Work for You

Choose assignments that fit your lifestyle and help you get things done.
Are you a fitness fanatic? You have all the materials you need for your next LIVESTRONG.COM shoot ready to go.
Food projects provide you with the extra perk of dinner!





Friends and photographers in your network can help you with your projects.
Fellow photographers might have the lenses or materials you’re looking for.
Use your cousin's amazing living room as a space for your next shoot.
Check out for local models. They need head shots, you need a model. It's a perfect match!

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