How to Get Rid of Dust Spots

Photo Tip - How To Get Rid of Dust Spots


You take a great photo, and when you upload it to your editing software on your computer you notice pesky little dots in the background of the image!

What to do?!

Just follow these steps to get remove those unwanted dust spots:

1) Make sure you are trying to keep your camera and lenses protected from environmental elements whenever possible. It is easy for tiny particles to sneak into camera hardware!

Avoid changing lenses in risky environments (where there is wind, dust, etc.) 
Turn the camera off before changing lenses, and check your lenses for dust before attaching them. 
A blower works great when trying to get any dust off your lens.

2) Clean your image sensor with care. It is best to get your camera professionally cleaned.

3) Within most photo editing software, you can remove these unwanted spots.

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